Linda Jörke: Ten months in Pennsylvania


Hey! My name is Linda Jörke and I guess most of you know me already.

If you neither have any contact to me on Facebook
or know my blog on, this page could help you.
Wether you're just interested in hearing what I have experienced so far or you'd like help with the decision between going yourself or staying at home - I hope this can help you somewhat.

Please excuse any very American expressions, for I'm confronted with this culture and the sometimes strange customs and language 24/7. August 22nd I took a plane from the airport Tegel in Berlin and another flight from Frankfurt to Chicaco. 85°F and the brightest sunshine - very nice. Unfortunately, I didn't have any possibility to enjoy this for long, because the next - and luckily last - flight led me to Harrisburg right afterwards. After 23 hours of traveling, I was picked up by my first host family and just grateful for whatever rest I could get. Since then I have seen quite a lot and of course, I'm not yet finished. I will continue my stay until June 16th.

The next school year I will spend in 11th grade and on the night of the exchange student, you will certainly have the chance to find out more about my time here. If there is anything you would like to know now, questions etc., just ask me. I can be found on Facebook or, as I already mentioned, on tumblr. After opening this page, however, registration is required in order to read my numerous articles about the holidays, school and more. Ask me, if you can't manage that stuff on your own, I'd be happy to help you :) 

Greetings from Pennsylvania - see you soon! (132 days left) ;)